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Rates for Music Printers’ projects are determined on a “by measure”
basis. Rates per measure can range from 25 cents to over a dollar
determined solely by the complexity of the music. This means
that the number of measures that have something in
it other
than a whole rest will be multiplied by the contracted rate. Parts
pages from a notated score will range in price from
10 to 20 dollars
per part depending again on the length of the score.

For a visual example of what this means, look at this sample page of
score. The piece which this page of score comes from ranges in
complexity from whole note chorale passages to extended 16th
note runs. At 30 cents per measure, this individual page will cost
$19.20, an average cost per page in light of the entire piece.

Pieces that are more rhythmically intense, or those with lyrics or
non-standard notations will be more expensive than the page you see above.

We understand that every piece of music is different, and therefore we
will determine what will work best for your project’s individual needs.

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