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Q. Who is the Music Printer?
A. Aaron Hettinga, the owner & operator of Music Printers online, lists
a brief biography in the Experience page on this site.

Q. Why should I use your service when it would cost less to get
Finale and do it myself?

A. It is true that Finale software has become very affordable, and that
many people are using it. However, there is still a definite
difference between the look of a published piece of music and
music entered into Finale straight out of the box. Incorporating
over 10 years of experience with Finale and the knowledge of
what makes music look its best on paper, I am able to get a
professional look to your music in a much shorter amount of
time than having to learn this complicated program
as a beginner.

Q. How do I go about using Music Printers for my project?
A. First of all contact us and we can talk about what
kind of project you need to have done. After you submit a photocopy of
your piece of music, we will then discuss issues such as the kind of music
font you want to use, whether you will want a portrait (vertical) or
landscape (horizontal) orientation for you music, whether or not you’ll
need to have parts made, and discuss what the overall cost and
timeframe will be. If you will need to have example of what your
finished work will look, one “average complexity” page of your score
can be done without obligation just to show what a difference
a professional engraving can make.

Q. Why do you want me to submit a photocopy of my music?
A. Too many things can go wrong between our mailboxes. Mail is
occasionally lost in transit, and you should not ever want to have your
only copy of your work subject to that kind of danger. Please make
sure that the photocopies are still readable so that your project will
not become one of perpetual revisions.

Q. How do you operate regarding revisions?
A. As mentioned above, we will discuss a timeframe for your project.
At that time or earlier, upon receipt of 50% of your payment, you will
receive proofs of your printed score. You will be asked to mark any
revisions or changes in red ink and to make a list of what all needs to
be done. There will be no charge for corrections of mistakes on our
part, but any changes or revisions due to illegible manuscript will be
charged. Final copies will be sent upon full payment.

For any other questions, please feel free to email us at

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